Search Engine Optimisation SydneySearch engine optimisation (SEO) is intrinsically integrated with content marketing. Not only must content fulfil your audiences’ informational desires however it must also fulfil that of Google’s algorithms along with those of Bing, Yahoo and others.

The foundation of SEO is keywords and key phrase research. Detailed, quality research is a critical component of an SEO strategy.

Kudos Media begins with detailed competitor analysis and keyword/key phrase planning, including determining search volumes, relevance, competitiveness and alliance with a determined SEO strategy.

We then optimise your site and feed your keyword strategy into exisiting and new current content using relvant metatags, as well as providing further content creation recommendations which is all tied together with an outreach and link-building strategy.

Ongoing keyword ranking analysis is provided for you and your competitors so as to ensure ROI tracking in line with established KPIs.

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