Social Media Management:

Social Media FootprintSocial media is one of the most powerful tools available for disseminating and amplifying your content. It offers excellent shareability, audience engagement, market monitoring and the ability to target specific demographics and psychographics.

It is an important consideration in any content marketing plan, however it requires planning and maintenance.

Kudos Media offers social media management across all the main networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and plenty of others.

As with all our offerings we provide a detailed social strategy in line with your social goals, create a social voice, publishing guidelines and KPIs as part of an overarching content strategy.

Our offerings include page establishment, seeding and app (eg Mailchimp / Youtube) integration, posting, moderation, competitions, hashtag monitoring and social listening, amplification and remarketing to your current customer datasbase and  commercialisation with social specific e-commerce solutions.

Detailed reporting is provided with segmented pre and post-campaign analytics outlining your social footprint including reach, penetration and influence.

Given social media’s inherent content distribution nature, we also advise on and create made-for-social content such as GIFs and memes.

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