Sydney Copywriter

Powerful content

Kudos Media specialises in razor sharp copy to cut through the clutter. Words are our business and we polish every one until it gleams.

Tailoring style to your audience is critical. Speak to them in their language and serve content with their desires in mind. Sell the hole, not the drill.

Moreover, different platforms and mediums require different styles. Print is more suitable to longform journalism while the web is usually (but not always) best served with shareable bite-sized chunks to consume on the go.

All our web content is produced with SEO in mind and we also offer detailed keyword research. However Google’s September 2013-released Hummingbird SEO algorithm means search results are delivered intuitively based on interpreted search intent.  “Keyword-stuffed” web pages are losing priority to those delivering quality content, answers and solutions with seamlessly integrated keywords.

Whether for your website, advertising or product copy, vlogs, blogs or newsletters, we can produce the copy to attract audiences and keep them coming back. Every interaction you have with your target market is an opportunity to facilitate action. Make every word count.

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