Content and Digital Marketing Evolution. Adapt or Die.

Inbound Marketing. Content Marketing. Native Advertising. Digital Marketing: delivering value for customers with insight, information or entertainment and building your own media channels; whatever you call it, it’s booming.

The August 2015 sale of five-year-old content marketing agency, King Content to iSentia for $48 million is just one example of the trend and how much weight global leaders in media are placing on content marketing.

Interruptive advertising to rented (often unaudited and probably embellished) audiences is becoming extinct. Shouting commercial messages at people is becoming increasingly less effective and the rise of digital ad blocking tools means that banner ads are dying and native advertising is booming.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Brands and retailers are the new publishers and if they don’t want to invest the time in growing their audience, they are simply buying established media outright.

The connected world, online communities and the associated swathes of data has enabled hyper-targeted information delivery, enabling brands to reach their market more easily than ever before. However, as usual, there’s a sea of competition and your content must shine. To add value and enrich peoples’ experience.

If you’re running print ads because that’s what you’ve always done, punching out press releases on how amazing your new product is and wondering why they’re not getting much traction, or posting to social media without goals, KPIs and conversion strategies, we welcome you to contact Kudos Media to help develop and manage your  content marketing and digital strategy.

The game is changing and as Leon Megginson said in 1963, “It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.” (Megginson, ‘Lessons from Europe for American Business’, Southwestern Social Science Quarterly (1963) 44(1): 3-13, at p. 4.).”

While Darwin presented the concept, he is often misquoted as the originator of this saying, which brings us to another very important content marketing rule. Accuracy.

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Content Metrics and ROI
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   – Social Media
   – SEO
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   – E-Newsletters
   – Content Seeding and Amplification
Print Content Considerations
Legal considerations

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