Is print dead?

Is print dead?While more expensive to publish than digital, custom magazines, catalogues, newsletters and direct mail channelled to your target market offer unrivalled engagement and open ratios.

While digital content consumption has increased, it can be a flighty non-linear medium with plenty of distractions. That is not to say digital isn’t an amazingly powerful medium – it is and we deem it essential – however it does not detract from the power of print as part of a greater content strategy.

A 2011 Australian Custom Magazines Report by McNair Ingenuity found custom magazines are read for an average of 40 minutes each, with an average of 2.3 people reading each copy. They found all that quality time led to increased brand loyalty and a propensity to share that loyalty with friends: 64 per cent said they talked to someone about a brand, product or service as a result of reading a custom magazine.

Impressive numbers indeed. However like all content, custom magazines and other print communications must offer value to audiences or they will fail to deliver.

A solid print strategy as part of a strong digital content strategy enables cross-platform leverage of your media assets and ultimately engaging with a wider audience. In fact it is fairly simple to turn your hard-earned print content into an app and reach a global audience.

However beware of content replication on the web. What works for print does not always work online. Print is a passive medium, often consumed during leisure time (which is one of the reasons it is so powerful), while the web is usually an active medium as people seek specific content (browsing social media feeds does not apply here). Long form journalism is generally less sticky when produced online where audiences have little patience. Headlines and intros should be written for SEO.

Cross-platform content leverage is integral to a good content strategy, which should include a well-rounded combination of print and digital delivery channels.


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