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Audience first“Content” for business is nothing new. Businesses have been producing commercial narrative for as long as businesses have existed. However with digital media more are creating and disseminating their own content and building their own channels. Some of those channels are growing into powerful media titles in their own right, while others are struggling against a sea of competition.

With digital publishing has come an increasingly fragmented audience and a tsunami of content; over 144,000 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every day, just one of the many publishing channels on offer.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? Firstly you need to understand your target market and their media consumption habits: on what channels, platforms, locations and when do they consume media. And what sort of content do they want? Is it short bite-sized content to consume on the go, or is it long form journalism. Do they prefer video or prose? Do they want to be informed, entertained or educated?

Once you know what your target market wants, you can then deliver consistently into that space, building audiences and engagement. To do that you must deliver with original, well-written and well-researched narrative. Inspire your audience, make them smile, or laugh. Make them nod their head, or say “cool”. Give them something of value. Subscriptions, likes and shares will follow, as will their affinity to your brand.

It might seem obvious, but only content produced with your audience in mind will see that content consumed and shared. What are their informational desires? Fulfil them. Become the credible source . Soon you will have the support of the industry, people will link to your content, journalists will cite you as a source and your SEO rankings will climb.

Then, given you probably have a commercial offering in that same content interest sphere, the commercial benefits will follow.



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