What is Content Marketing?  


Every business produces content marketing in some form.

Every pixel on a screen is content. Every drop of ink on paper. And that content’s ability to interact with audiences and deliver easily-digestible information is essential for concise message communication.

Content is the positioning, size and font of headings, sub headings and body copy. The size and layout of images and the location of videos and the player interface. Content is the flow, connectivity and of course substance of these elements.

And marketing occurs every time a potential customer engages with that content.

“Content Marketing” has boomed thanks in-part to the advent of self-publishing with content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and social media channels that have enabled every brand to easily become a publisher.

Moreover, the fragmentation of audiences thanks, in part to this advent of self-publishing has seen a reduction in the success of traditional interruptive advertising and more businesses driving customers through pull advertising such as content marketing.

So there’s a lot of competition out there, and your content risks being lost amongst a sea of drivel.

However there has always been competition and quality always rises to the top. That quality need not be in Red Bull-standard production values (although that helps) but in content that delivers what your audience wants to see – which is where Red Bull’s real success lies.

Whether it is a website with product descriptions, a brochure, blog or video series, or a full-blown cross-platform campaign, talk to your market in their language. Give them information they want, delivered intuitively on platforms they use and they will reward you for it.

Content marketing in a nutshell:

–          Understand who your customers are, what content they desire and how they want it.

–          Create quality information, entertainment or education – perhaps about your brand, perhaps about causes or people who                      share your brand’s (and target market’s) values.

–          Ensure that communication is delivered on relevant platforms and is designed and delivered with flow and intuition.

–          Leverage your content cross-platform and cross-channel.

–          Publish regularly and with consistency.


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