Content AmplificationIt’s not enough simply to create content and wait. It must be amplified, driven and seeded. Paid channels such as social and search are part of that picture, however influencers, forums and online groups must also be accounted for.

Paid Amplification:

A proven method for increasing content consumption – and any conversion it is driving – is to take a piece of quality content and pay amplify it across social media, search engines or native (programmatic or direct) advertising channels.

We manage all facets of this process, from strategy and recommendations  through to ROI reporting and will always analyse the content piece to ensure it aligns with the target market’s buyer journey – considering that search is “consideration-based”, while social may be better suited to “awareness-based” content.


When we create a content marketing strategy or specific amplification and outreach strategy, we determine “influential” individuals and entities in your industry.

By understanding and outlining audience numbers (and more importantly, engagement levels), focus niches and publishing schedules, we can build influencer strategies that will natively and effectively drive your brand to new audiences.

Be aware that in 2017, there was a crackdown on influencers clearly labelling sponsored posts (they were always meant to under ACCC laws).

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