CRM and Digital Sales Solutions

In a digital world, the way we sell has changed. We no longer have the capacity, or even the capability to meet our prospects face-to face, or perhaps even attend the office, presenting problems for sales managers and sales representatives.

What hasn’t changed however, is the human element of sales, and the relationships upon which businesses are built. Any digital sales strategy must integrate these foundations with technological sales efficiencies, and reporting and forecasting solutions.

CRM and Digital Sales Solutions

Our sales solutions centre around CRM implementation and management, adoption strategies, reporting and sales team training, while also ensuring sales and marketing teams are working together towards common goals.

When your sales and marketing strategies align, customer needs are better understood, and prospects covert, leads are nurtured, and deals are closed more easily. Using marketing signals and lead scoring to inform sales representatives enables intent-based and timely prospect conversations.

It is all designed to maximise productivity, minimise friction through the buyer journey, and drive more revenue.


An integrated CRM system like Hubspot encourages sales representatives to organise and enhance their communications with customers and enables managers to better monitor the input and related output of sales teams.

Visual dashboards easily show which reps are performing and whose pipelines need some work.

Kudos Media's Sales and CRM Solutions

Sales strategy drives everything we do. From enablement to automation, we ensure your sales team is reaching the right people at the right time to maximise sales.

  • CRM infrastructure setup, strategy and training
  • Sales team training and adoption strategies
  • Sales enablement strategies
  • Sale automation – templates and email sequences
  • Developing sales playbooks
  • Lead flows and enquiry frameworks
  • Setting up and managing team inboxes
  • Data audits and field standardisation
  • Established KPIs