Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools at your disposal, especially when it is powered by automated triggers. Automatically qualifying leads for sales reps, re-engaging past purchasers and suggesting replacement and/or complementary products or solutions are just some examples of automated email marketing.

However, engaging with a market segment that has decided they like what you offer enough for them to open the door into their personal space is a privilege. Bombard them with irrelevant or untimely messages and it will not be long until they are automatically deleting your emails or unsubscribing.

Email marketing

On the flip side, serve content relevant to their informational desires and your open rates will skyrocket. Design too, must be best practice to ensure cross-device display consistency, while the strict spam filters used by many email clients must be catered for.

Kudos Media manages all facets of email marketing campaign management, from communications planning, creation, segmenting and personalising, to designing, testing, optimising, sending and reporting.

We work with all the major platforms however as Hubspot marketing automation agency partners, our recommendation is this platform thanks to it’s fully integrated approach to digital marketing.