Seeking to showcase their industry events and sponsored extreme sports athletes, Milwaukee regularly commissions Kudos Media to create high quality web videos, an example of which can be seen below.

Milwaukee Industry and Corporate Videos

When Milwaukee hosted the largest ever tool symposium in the country, flying in hundreds of their dealers from around the country for a mammoth 3-day event, they called on Kudos Media to produce a video of the event.

With a timelapse of the setup and a heavy shooting scedule,  the result is noithing short of excellent. Watch it below.


Milwaukee is the number one powertool and accessory retailer in the country, and the fastest growing.

Video content is a large component of their content marketing strategy, produced to educate, entertain and inform.

Video Production Manly Sydney
Sydney Video Agency Manly

What The Client Says

  • Kudos Media's project management and attention to detail is impressive and they provide end-to-end insights and advice ensuring the final product is always above original expectations.

    Tom Mathieson
    Tom Mathieson Brand Manager | Milwaukee Powertools
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