Digital Marketing

Web Design

The most important digital content delivery tool in your arsenal, your website is the engine room of your content marketing.  It must be built using the latest technology and provide an optimal user experience and content flow. KM are specialists in WordPress websites and love their advanced capabilities yet intuitive functionality.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO starts with detailed keyword/key phrase planning and competitor analysis to determine search volumes, relevance and competitiveness. This, along with an outreach and link-building strategy, feeds how SEO fits within an over-arching content strategy. We also evaluate and optimise your website for speed and search engine discoverability.



Online video is booming and today’s mobile consumers are demanding more of it. Video is an excellent tool for attracting new customers, engaging current customers and boosting SEO.

Whether you’re after short and simple online videos, TVCs with CAD approval, or motion infographics, we have the shooters, producers, editors and sound engineers to make your videos shine.

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Email is one of the most powerful content distribution tools at your disposal. We work with all the major platforms such as MailChimp and iContact, as well as marketing automation platforms like SharpSpring, HubSpot and Infusionsoft.  We’ll custom design you a beautiful on-brand template and deliver it using segmentation, “if-then” protocols and other automations. Then we’ll track, measure, report and optimise.

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Social Media

Social media is an essential component of any content marketing plan. It offers excellent audience engagement, market monitoring and the ability to reach new audiences through amplification. Content must be tailored for the platform and measured for performance reporting.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software enables concise and automatic delivery of relevant, targeted and personal communications to the right prospects or customers at the right time, to drive conversions, sales, repeat business and advocacy. When those people are suitably engaged, automatic recommendations can be triggered to pass that lead onto sales or service to reach out and close the loop.

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Digital Publishing Apps

Tablets, hybrid laptops and smartphone penetration is skyrocketing and apps are often beating browsers as the preferred method of internet access. Apps offer a fluid, linear and interactive message delivery platform and KM works with a number of publishing tools such as Adobe or Oomph to get your content looking good.

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Content Strategy | Creation | Distribution

Content Strategy

Content strategy is inherent in everything we do. We connect with your market to understand what makes them tick and ensure we tell stories that resonate and deliver them on platforms they consume.

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It’s not enough simply to create content and wait. It must be amplified, driven and seeded. Paid channels such as social and search are only part of that picture. Influencers, forums and online groups must also be accounted for. We determine influential individuals and entities in your industry as part of an outreach strategy and then manage the program’s implementation.

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Content Creation

Does your copywriter know which words drive conversions and which ones scare people away? Do they know how to structure content to maximise its power, whether for websites, video, social, newsletters, catalogues or otherwise? Content is our business and we polish every word until it glints.

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Media Relations and PR

Born from journalism and publishing, we know what editors and journalists want and with media under increasing pressure to deliver content with fewer resources, good stories will get told in mainstream media. Influencer strategies also form part of our content outreach offering.

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Custom Magazines

For certain brands/target markets, magazines remain one of the most trusted methods of content delivery and an influential content marketing tool for driving brands and creating strong relationships with clients.

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Catalogue Production

We produce print catalogues, newsletters and brochures, either as stand-alone media or integrated with a greater content marketing strategy.

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Other services

Kudos Media also offers the individual services that comprise and complement our core offerings including advertising and graphic design, photography and consulting.

Let's talk.

The content marketing creation process

  • Immersion

    In consultation with you we research and understand your business and market. We learn your positioning and your current content strategies.

  • Strategy

    We present you with a detailed content marketing plan with research findings, key recommendations and cost structures.

  • Creation

    Words, photos, graphics and video are tailored, crafted, packaged, designed, refined, polished and submitted for appraisal.

  • Publish

    Red buttons are pushed and stories go live cross-platform. Content is seeded through stakeholders and native advertising while conversations are had with audiences.

  • Analysis

    Campaigns are analysed and a report provided surmising penetration, engagement, sociability and further recommendations.