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Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy is a key pillar of everything we do. We connect with your brand and your target market to understand what makes them tick. We create communications that resonate, deliver them where they will be consumed and set performance measures to track success.

Digital Marketing

Whether website design, SEO, social, paid ads, chatbots or email marketing, we do not focus on one platform at the expense of another, but deliver an integrated digital marketing approach catering for customer expectations and optimised for relevant delivery platforms.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation enables automatic delivery of targeted & personal communications to the right prospects at the right time, to delight customers and nurture them through the buyer journey while informing sales reps of hot leads – driving conversions and delivering ROI insights.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Digital communications and customer interactions means sales and marketing must align to deliver delightful customer experiences. From frictionless lead generation to nurturing and customer advocacy, sales and marketing teams that work together are more successful.


It’s not enough simply to create communications and wait. It must be amplified, driven and seeded. Social and search engines are only part of that picture. Influencers, traditional media, forums and communities must also be accounted for.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Lead generation sits at the core of our offering. We create offers that inspire and build out frictionless lead generation processes to drive action, before nurture those leads through the path to purchase with sales and marketing automation.

User Experieince

User experience is largely driven by the design, flow and composition of communications and their delivery mechanisms. Everything we do is optimised for positive user experiences, putting the customer first to deliver better brand outcomes.

Serious Passion

We offer passion and mountains of it. We offer energy and commitment and loyalty. We go the extra mile.  And we produce the best damn campaigns we possibly can. Because we care about what we do. And because it’s our story as much as yours.


We are platform agnostic digital agency, however Hubspot is by far our favourite. It’s an incredibly powerful sales and marketing automation platform that integrates and centralises all of your digital marketing and consistently takes our clients to the next level.  Click below to to learn more.

Kudos Media Testimonials

  • Harbour City Ferries engaged Kudos Media to manage search engine optimisation on our content marketing platform Beyond The Wharf and have seen outstanding results.

    Paul Zagami
    Paul Zagami Commercial Development Manager | Harbour City Ferries
  • Kudos Media's project management and attention to detail is impressive and they provide end-to-end insights and advice ensuring the final product is always above original expectations.

    Tom Mathieson
    Tom Mathieson Brand Manager | Milwaukee Powertools
  • Kudos Media has been consulting on and managing multiple digital marketing elements and strategies for Pro Safety Gear with impressive proficiency. Their knowledge is extensive and execution razor sharp.

    James Walker
    James Walker Group Head of Marketing | Pro Safety Gear
  • No project is too large and no brief is too loose. Kudos Media holds intricate media knowledge - from strategy through to execution - and a combination of creative flair and commercial nous. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

    Lisa Phillips
    Lisa Phillips Chief Marketing Officer | Loan Market
  • Kudos Media manage multiple elements of Pine Property’s content and digital marketing strategy and execution with refreshing attention to detail. I would not hesitate in recommending their services.

    Patrick Kelleher
    Patrick Kelleher Director | Pine Property
  • Through high quality content and digital distribution strategies, Kudos Media successfully drive strong engagement, positive industry attention and relevant leads for THORZT.

    David Rhodes
    David Rhodes Australasian Category Manager | THORZT
  • The project was completed efficiently by a professional team who communicated openly throughout the process. It was cost effective, there were no hidden fees and we achieved exactly what we desired, within a matter of weeks.

    Rob Scott
    Rob Scott Director | Solareze
  • We initially engaged Kudos Media to perform a comprehensive overhaul of our entire digital communications - starting with a detailed strategy to feed website content, design, management and distribution. We are thrilled with the results and continue to engage Kudos for ongoing communications management.

    Natasha Shepparh
    Natasha Shepparh Director | inSynergy


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