CASE STUDY: Marketing a business severely impacted by a downturn

Few businesses have been hit as hard by the restrictions of COVID-19 as those in conferences, events and team building, and Kudos Media’s client, Be Challenged, was no exception.

When the restrictions began, rather than lament the loss, we discussed marketing the plan to pivot to Virtual Team Building services, helping businesses build much-needed morale among remote workers.

However, their commitment to their staff and clients combined with their determination and knowledge that marketing is even more critical in a downturn, has seen them stay strong despite coronavirus.

Services we deliver for Be Challenged:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy (Website / Email / Social / SEO)
  • Sales Enablement and Marketing Alignment
  • Content Production
  • Seeding and Amplification

First Responder Benefit:

Time was critical. We needed to quickly build out a strong Virtual Team Building marketing strategy and program offering for customers who had yet to cancel their existing bookings, driving home the message that team building is essential, now more than ever.

We also needed to communicate this new offering to the database ASAP.

And then there was the opportunity for new business. Some quick keyword research found that search volume was rising for “virtual, online and digital team building” and we wanted to rank organically for those searches. Being first is a key SEO ranking signal – as long as it’s a good content experience.

Content first. Then distribution:

The priority was to create a large content pool of Virtual Team Building assets – both highlighting program offerings and helping businesses navigate the shift to remote working – all of it optimised to rank in search engines.

Within only a couple of days we had the resources to drive across eDM, social and search – both organic and paid – and this distribution and amplification continues to be refined and ramped up.

Kudos Media Web Banner

Leads and data:

Despite the impact on the events and conference industries, the lead tap remains on and a steady flow of business opportunities are coming through, most of them on the back of the new assets Kudos Media is creating and driving.

And having started early, we already have good data around which assets and resources people are responding to, helping us do more of what is working and refine what isn’t.

Market more in a downturn

Many businesses in Be Challenged’s predicament might have responded by immediately cutting costs, including marketing.

However, marketing theory states that it is even more important to market in a downturn, and those who do will be stronger than ever when the tide turns.

They understand this and are now reaping the rewards of moving quickly and working with an agency with the knowledge to get it done.

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