Successfully Posting on Facebook

Facebook is a publisher, and like any publisher they wish to serve interesting and relevant content to their audience.

Facebook uses an algorithm – EdgeRank – to serve content into people’s news feeds. Part of that ranking looks at how engaging your posts are and people’s propensity to like or comment on them, as well as Facebook’s estimated relevance to specific audiences.

What is sure is that the best and most relevant content for your target market will rise. Indeed, quality, relevant, tailored and targeted content is the foundation for any media. Moreover, social media is not a silver bullet and should be only one distribution channel of content which should be repurposed across multiple platforms.

As people “Like” more pages and their newsfeeds fill there simply is not enough room to fit all the posts and Facebook wants you to pay to increase your reach.

However there are some tactics you should use to help drive your Facebook posts’ native reach and your EdgeRank score:

  • Post photos/videos and links as they have higher engagement than text-only posts.
  • Post multiple images, they get better results than single images.
  • Videos hosted on Facebook score more highly than linked videos.
  • Post links with excerpts.
  • Collaborate with and tag other brands to reach their audiences.
  • Interact, converse and request opinions and other user-generated content.
  • Use Hashtags
  • Don’t “Like-bait” such as “Like to win” posts as Facebook considers these as spammy and it will lower your EdgeRank score.
  • Post at the right time using Facebook Insights.
  • Post a lot and post consistently.
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Have a social strategy:

Before working with Facebook or other social media, you should develop a strategy outlining what you want to achieve and how you plan on executing it. What are your goals? Who is your primary social media audience? What is your voice and style?

Develop content creation and delivery framework, including post schedules and audience engagement guidelines as well as how you plan on marketing the page.

You should also decide which apps you wish to integrate, such as your Youtube channel, and if you have an e-commerce offering, consider creating a Facebook store.

Also develop a plan for monitoring your social media footprint – more on that below.


Beat the drum:

Posting quality, “non-spammy” content will significantly help your native reach, however advertising is recommended to boost: Page Likes, Posts, Website Traffic, Video Views, Gated Competition Entry, App Downloads, etc.

Advertising can:

  • Target current fans and their networks.
  • Promote to new audiences based on specific demographics, psychographics and interests.
  • Remarket to people who have visited your web page but not engaged with your social media.
  • Import, segment and market to your current email list who are using Facebook.

Tracking and measuring engagement through analytics, such as Facebook Insights or a more detailed third party offering such as Hootsuite, will enable you to measure your social media footprint and track post reach, engagement, interaction, shares and brand mentions as well as enable you to refine content creation and delivery.

Moreover, ensure you are monitoring Social Reports in Google Analytics to track audience behaviour, flow and conversions to help measure the return on your investment.

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